Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Chantal and Edward

It was a bright, warm day in August as Chantal met me at her family home on Anglesey.  I was really looking forward to meeting Edward, as I had heard lots about him. We started indoors where Edward could get used to me and the camera.  Neither took long.  Chantal had brought with her an abundance of toys but of course, a lens cap was the best new play thing!  Edward was easily entertained playing peekaboo behind cushions and the camera.  

After a quick change of clothes we continued outside, and spent some time exploring the gardens and playing on his blanket.  Edward was a complete pleasure and was quite happily interacting with his Mum as I snapped away. Chantal and I spent the time chatting and laughing at Edward's antics and expressions. Chantal's laugh is infectious and it caught on.  To finish, we had some beautiful pictures with Chantal's Mum and the family dog outside their beautiful home.

Thank you Chantal and little Edward. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015