Tuesday, 04 August 2015

Camper Vans

Dan approached me after I had hired a Camper from him to explore the Norfolk Broads and he had seen some of the photographs I had taken during the holiday. On the day of the shoot Dan turned up with his sparkly clean van. Now this is a beast, and a beautiful one at that! Hoping for some dramatic skies, the day was as grey as they come; no fluffy clouds, no blue skies and definitely no sun! Biding some time we decided to take some indoor shots first.

We found a small car park nestled within a local woodland where the green of the trees, proved a better backdrop than the black skies and we set about taking a series of photographs of the outside of the van. As the weather improved, we set out some scenes demonstrating how well equipped the vans are and the various ways the living space can be used to drive, dine and sleep. 

Lastly with the weather ever-so-slightly improved, we set out to capture the van with some beautiful back drops so headed for the clwydian range to complete the shoot. 

Tuesday, 04 August 2015